Date: June 27th
Auto-driving Cars and Cyber Implications
Rich Pietravalle has over 40 years of experience in software and hardware engineering, in cyber research, and in management in the USA and in Europe. At The MITRE Corporation, Rich has served as a Principal Investigator and project leader covering topics such as vehicle cybersecurity, cyber resiliency, information protection and anti-tamper defenses. On transportation infrastructures, he led a team for a USDOT sponsored analysis of the forthcoming vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) mandated system and lead a research project that supported the public-private collaboration for Virginia State Police vehicles. Prior to MITRE, Richard was an independent consultant, served on the research staff at M.I.T., and also worked for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) with roles such as Product Manager, Product Strategy Manager for European Commercial Service Industries, and spokesperson for Networking Products in Europe. He also had served as a charter member of the DMTF industry consortium for DEC. Rich holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees from M.I.T.
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Date: September 19th
Date: November 21st